Little Dreamers Christian Academy
  • Dream

  • Believe

  • Work

  • Achieve

Dream. Believe. Work. Achieve.

About Us

We are an early childhood education center that espouses the importance of training young children well today so that they will know the right way they will go tomorrow. With programs that do not only provide for academic head knowledge but also gives avenue for practical application and explorative education, Little Dreamers Christian Academy is the perfect training ground for the future leaders of tomorrow.

Being a Christian academy, we highly promote good values to our students, making Jesus Christ as their perfect role model. Whether inside or outside the campus, we encourage them to practice good manners, observe proper behavior, and to exude a good character. We do this through good role modeling and values-enriching lessons that we specifically designed to be included in every program.

If you want to take a look at the actual environment of Little Dreamers Christian Academy, we encourage you to take a campus tour soon. You may set a date by calling our number 225-778-3732 anytime during office hours.

Our Philosophy

We Believe…

  • That children are precious and must receive care from adults who are capable and caring—whose values enable them to be excellent role models.
  • That children should experience numerous positive learning milestones, leading to an increased sense of competence and independence.
  • That children’s play is extremely vital to healthy physical development, acceptable social skills, and cognitive growth.
  • That teachers, drawing upon their training and experience, must create an appropriate educational environment which carefully guides children from one developmental, and cognitive, level to another.
  • hat parents contribute to, and enhance the quality of care offered at
    Little Dreamers Christian Academy.
Little Dreamers Christian Academy welcomes those of diverse faiths, ethnic origins, race, sex, handicapping condition, or ancestry.